10. Paulo Dybala

Diskusjon knyttet til spillere eller trenere i Juventus F.C.
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Re: 10. Paulo Dybala

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Guttens ord om 10ern:
When they asked me to change my jersey number I started to think whether it was right or not to leave the "21" that it was for me-and again it will be in my National team- a number that I care about so much, which made me able to win so many trophies, which is owned by top players like Zidane and Pirlo.

But the number 10 is a special Jersey, it is an honor to wear it, he carries a great sense of responsibility, a sense of belonging to the history of a club like Juventus Fc.

It was on the shoulders of many champions: Omar Sivori, Michel Platini, Roberto Baggio, Alessandro Del Piero, Carlos Tevez.

For me today to have the Jersey number 10 on me, on my skin, not only is a dream comes true, since I was a kid, but it's also a commitment growing feeling inside of me to bring my team to victory in every game, in every competition, for each trophy